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At Camo-Ramic we have taken a new approach to camo on your vehicle and other items. We started our patterns with the vehicle in mind, not your cloths.

As you may have noticed all the camo on the market now comes in 4'x5' sheet and you buy multiple copies of the same sheet. Each sheet repeats itself every 24" resulting in a pattern of the same elements over and over. To get the pattern to line up you have an excessive amount of waste and seams throughout the wrap. That's not the case with Camo-Ramic!

Camo-Ramic patterns are a panoramic scene that can cover the entire vehicle without seams (on most vehicles) or repeats and is completely customized. Since we own and create our patterns in house, we can incorporate almost anything right into the, company logos, test...the possibilities are endless.

Currently Camo-Ramic has two Hardwood Patterns, two Pine Patterns and two Catus Patterns. Each Camo-Ramic Pattern is available in Pink for the ladies. In the works are Wetlands, Brush and many more. All Camo-Ramic Wraps are printed on 3M air channel vinyl and laminated with a UV matte finish for protection and color fastness.

Kits are available for any vehicle: Trucks, SIV's, Boats, ATV's, UTV's, for starters. Other ideas are Refrigerators, Toolboxes, and Wall Murals to show off your Trophy Room. The possibilities are endless. Also available are accent kits, decals, and Camo Flame Kits. Your needs can be met and special orders are welcome.